Welcome aboard!

The crew onboard «Inspire» is Kjell, Siri and Sheba. Kjell is the captain, Siri is the able seaman and chef, and Sheba is the calm and secure border collie who loves the sea as much as his owners!

We offer an unique personal charter experience with strong natural impressions in a relaxing maritime environment with high comforts. Through charters of the boat you can experience historically known places, see the region’s light / weather change and the rich wildlife that co-exists with us here in the north. You will have the opportunity to see the varied bird life, learn about life along the coast and perhaps you will see whales or killer whales.

We can also sail to historical small settlements / fishing villages and communities that have existed for hundreds of years and learn about life before. You have the possibility to visit many famous places in Lofoten / Vesterålen such as Raftsundet, Trollfjorden,  Skrova, Svolvær, Nyksund, Skipnes, Henningsvær, Ballstad, Nusfjord, Reine and Å.

All in a vessel of high standard and with your own chef if desired. In the summer we can sail under the midnight sun and in the winter under the northern lights. All in a beautiful, almost untouched, landscape.

We look forward to seeing you on board!

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Life on board

Siri and Kjell enjoys living the slow life onboard the «Inspire». Sleeping until you wake by yourself, having breakfast accompanied by the sounds of nature and starting the day at your own pace. If you ask them why they want to sail with you, the answer is easy to give: «It’s because we want to show and share with you the amazing area that is Vesterålen and Lofoten. We want you to experience being close to nature and the tranquility the atmosphere can provide».

A typical day on board is impossible to describe because you as our guest will influence the days.

On some voyages a typical day can be as follows: We sleep until we wake up, we make coffee on and make breakfast. During breakfast we check todays weather report, go around the table to hear what you want from the day and then we plan. Where to sail, what to do and what we hope to see. Then we prepare the «Inspire» for todays voyage. If you like you can participate and if you don’t that’s fine to. It’s nice to chill in the lounge area or on the front deck while the sails go up and the ship starts to glide through the water.

We can fill the days with fishing, anchoring up and going ashore on remote islands, or we can sail into fjords such as Trollfjorden. We can relax on the boat watching the landscape glide by, maybe we’ll see sea eagles, otters or other animals that lives by the coast. Some days we’ll, if you wish, sail to small settlements such as Reine, Henningsvær or Nusfjord, all very beautiful and definitively worth a visit. 
Any catch of the day may be prepared as dinner or supper if you wish.

By nightfall we’ll anchor up or go to port, depending on where we are.  In the evenings we’ll have supper (maybe the fish you caught) and talk about the day we have had. At the end of your days with us you’ll be filled with impressions and tranquility, and with all that fresh sea air it’s fair to assume you will have a good nights sleep too!

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OUR booking partnerS

For the moment there are three options when you want to book your next trip with us

Book Whale and Northen Lights safari with our partner Visit Lyngenfjord

Or contact us via this form to let us know what you would like to experience and see on your expedition.


Skipper & co-sailors

Kjell grew up in an idyllic place, you can only get to by boat, called Sommerset in Vesterålen. Located in the north end of the beautiful Raftsundet, it was ideal for exploring Vesterålen and Lofoten with all its islands and fjords. At the age of twelve he got a wooden rowboat with oars, made by his grandfather. Kjell has been exploring this beautiful coastal area ever since. He don’t mind telling you stories about the places we pass and teaching you about the wildlife.

Kjell Rask

Siri grew up on an island called «Skjervøy», a place where the coast and fishingindustri plays an important role. In spite of growing up by the sea, Siri hadn’t spent much time on the sea and defined herself as a landlubber. Today she is a competent sailor and she loves the marine life! Sheba is a friendly, calm and obedient border collie with lots of personality who loves people. He’s always ready to sail away and loves to arrive in new harbours.

Siri Jørgensen

SAIL WITH US in & AROUND Lofoten / vesterålen

Yacht dream

Experience your own charter dream in stunning surroundings and environment. Here we organize your life experience.

3 cabins

On our charters guests have fine cabins with doble beds (2 pp cabin) and facilities separately. There is also an indoor lounge, an outdoor lounge, a smaller seating area on the front deck and a big flybridge

Experience Lofoten & Vesterålen

We organize and deliver adventure tours and visit unique historical natural pearls and fishing villages, all with an experienced and locally known crew.

Sail as long as you like

Wether you like to come aboard for a day, a weekend, a week or longer – it can be arranged. Perhaps you want to experience unique islands and landscapes. Vesterålen and Lofoten have several places that won’t disappoint, like Trollfjorden or Røst at the end of Lofoten. There are no restrictions, only possibilities.

Unique personal charter

Our charter offers very high standards and comfort throughout the trip and stay. It’s possible to have your own chef that can prepare and arrange from nature’s catch. We guide you to the best fishing spots, landmark and sights, and the silence

Whalewatching and Northen Lights

Experience the magical Northern Lights and the rapid weather changes we have here in the North. 

Through our charter tours you will be able to see a rich maritime life, all in your personal charter.

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Our Partners

North Inspire collaborate with multiple booking partners depending on season and what we are offering.  We can recommend all of these partners



When entering the «Inspire» we will teach you about our routines for safety. We assure you that we won’t sail if the conditions don’t allow it. After many years at sea we have the knowledge to consider what’s safe and what’s not.

Environmental policies

We take the environment seriously and do our best to have as little impact on the surroundings as possible. Onboard we don’t use plastic or cardboard disposable items. All plates, glass and cutlery are glass or ceramics. When we do the dishes we use sustainable dishwashing soap. Same goes for handsoap and detergent. It’s called «Klar» and contains no microplastics and it’s vegan. 
We recycle everything onboard and take the garbage ashore for disposal.

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