Whale and aurora borealis safari


The tours start from Skjervøy.

From Alta or Tromsø there are bus and boat routes.

Through our charter tours you will be able to see a rich maritime life, all in your personal charter.

aurora borealis

Experience the magical Northern Lights and the rapid weather changes we have here in the North.

Everything on board with us serving snacks, locally prepared food and accommodation for you and yours.

A magical memory for all time.

Personal Charter

Here you will experience personal service and magical experiences throughout the trip in beautiful surroundings.

We look forward to seeing you aboard!

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Om Skjervøy

Skjervøy Municipality is an island municipality in Troms county with approx. 2900 inhabitants.

The municipality is a typical fishery municipality where seafood production and the service industry around this are the main foundation for the activity in the community.

In recent years, fish farming and smolt production have become increasingly important.

The tourism industry is represented with accommodation places and providers of tourist experiences on Skjervøy, Arnøy, Laukøy and Uløy. , Kågen, Vorterøy and Uløy) in the municipality.

To Skjervøya you come by sea by express route or express boat or land road by mainland connection. The other islands are reached by ferries or speedboat.

Skjervøy township markets itself as the coastal town of Nord-Troms and has both caffelatte and a good selection of merchandise. The municipality has a cultural center with library, cinema and theater hall.

At Skjervøy is the oldest wooden church in the Northern Hålogaland diocese, built in 1728.


There are several ways to get to Skjervøy.

If you are arriving by plane to Tromsø or Alta, the car, rental car, bus or express boat applies.

All route information can be found on the website

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